Why Is Direct Treasury More Advantageous Than Savings?



Brazilians who are Brazilian have always been adept at saving, which serves as a “footing” for unforeseen expenses and consumer dreams. Parents and grandparents used to deposit a buck every month as a way of guaranteeing the future of young people, a habit cultivated over several generations.

The culture of savings has always been present in the country because it is a safe and secure investment. However, what many do not know is that saving by saving may not be the most effective way to make money render.

Have you heard of Treasury Direct?

Have you heard of Treasury Direct?

Treasury Direct is a fixed income investment option for those seeking a more competitive profitability than saving without giving up security. Through it you can buy public government bonds, getting interest in exchange every month! Its main advantages are:

1- Diversification of the portfolio

The investor has the possibility to diversify the investments choosing between pre-fixed and post-fixed yield securities. What does that mean?

Pre-fixed: In pre-fixed bonds you know exactly what amount you will redeem at maturity. But it is important to note that this profitability may vary in cases of sale of the security before that date.

Post-fixed: Fixed-rate securities have profitability tied to some indexes such as the Selic rate, IGP-M and IPCA.


One of the advantages of investing in Treasury Direct is that you choose the title that most suits your profile and purpose according to the time and horizon of the investment.

2 – Low Risk and Safe Investment

The National Treasury is linked to the Federal Government, which, like most public institutions, has good financial solidity. In addition, we are talking about fixed income, which as well as savings is ideal for those who want a conservative investment, and can be used by those who have a medium-term goal, such as traveling abroad or changing cars. If you regret or need to redeem the cash fast no problem, the Treasury guarantees the repurchase of bonds every Wednesday. Be aware, however, that this scenario is not ideal: you may be subject to market oscillations. Therefore, choose bonds with maturities that are in accordance with your goals.

3 – Easy to invest!

The first step to start investing is to open an account at a brokerage firm, since it is not possible to buy the securities directly from the National Treasury. One option is to transfer the amount you want to invest and make the purchase of the security through the home broker. Another alternative is to do it by the Treasury website itself. Remembering that anyone can start investing with values ​​starting at $ 80!

4 – What is the approximate profitability of these securities?

It depends on the period invested and the conditions of some rates, such as the Selic, which starts 2014 at the value of 10.50%. Earlier this year, NTN-F maturing on 1/1/23, for example, pays pre-fixed income at 12.97% per year, while NTN-B Principal maturing on 5/15/2035 (assuming that inflation of 5.91% of 2013 is constant, plus interest of 6.78%), will pay at the end of the useful life of the bond 12.69% per year.

It is important to note that these gross income are greater than savings (6.3%) and CDI (10.27%). However, there are some differences. In the case of savings, it is exempt from IR, which should be considered in the calculations. In the CDI, there is no custody or administration fee, which in the Treasury can vary from 0% to 0.5% per year of the amount invested.



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